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About our TV stands and wall units

 Whether you are a tv fanatic or not, a tv stand or wall unit is an absolute must have for every living room. They not only come with useful features but they also add structure to the room. The living room is the most used room in the house as it is meant to be a relaxing space for you and your family. It ought to be a space where you can also entertain yourself and your guests to your favorite movies therefore it ought to be furnished with the right pieces to create that refreshing space. TV stands and TV wall units are essential pieces of furniture that can make or break the overall look of the room as they are the focal point. They are the first thing guests notice when they take a sit therefore ensure you represent yourself well. 

Tv Stands & Wall Units: Sizes and Materials

When choosing a TV stand there are a lot of factors to consider such as space, theme décor and sizes. Your TV wall unit or TV stand wont be of much use for you if it’s not the right fit for your tv therefore ensure you consider this first. For a TV stand, the width of your TV should be less than that of your TV stand. For a wall unit you will need to consider the maximum size of the TV that can fit into your wall unit. 

If you have limited space it would be best to choose a TV stand as they require less space compared to wall units.  They also offer ample space for your multimedia accessories. Wall units require more flooring space but offer compact storage option for all accessories and everything else you need in the room. They are the best option if you have kids and want to keep everything tucked away neatly as they come with extra cabinets and storage. Depending on how much floor space you have it will influence your choice. 

Style and Functionality

Our TV stands are available in a variety of designs and styles that will add a contemporary, industrial or traditional feel to your living room. They are made from hardwood, MDF and metal so that you can still enjoy our timeless pieces at a price you are comfortable with. Hardwood and metal is more durable compared to MDF but come at an extra cost. MDF veneered furniture still has the appearance of wood grain but is a cheaper alternative to hardwood and metal. Wooden TV stands and wall unit will help create a warm look and feel in your home whereas metal is suitable for an industrial or rustic look.

Remember that you’re not only going to use your TV stand for holding the TV but also for decoration. A wall unit gives you more space for decorating objects to do this compared to a TV stand. Using a TV Stand does however give you a modern look with its elongated low line design. It is organized and can hide all the wires while also providing easy access to the sockets. Ensure you choose a TV stand or wall unit that complements and enhances the décor of your living room. Browse and shop to create the living room youve always dreamed of.