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About our Servers and Sideboards

The dining table and chairs are the main furniture for the dining room but without or server or sideboard the room will look empty. Having these useful pieces of furniture in adds functionality to your space. Whether you love to host guests or you just cater to your family, having a sideboard or a server in your dining room will come in handy. They offer extra storage space for all your cutlery and dinner service. This will ensure you have all your dinnerware nearby in case you need them.

Before you make a choice ensure you carefully consider all factors as you don’t want that sideboard next to your dining table to be a constant reminder of the money you wasted. The first question would therefore do you need a dining server or a sideboard? As a rule of thumb you can look at your dining table for guidance. You need to choose a dining table and chairs before you decide on the sideboard. Reason being that your server or sideboard ought to be the least dominant furniture in the room after your dining set. It ought to be used as a wall décor. This is meant to cover up the extra space by the wall left in the room. Therefore the best spot to put your server or sideboard is to place it against the longest wall in the room.

Which one do you need? A dining server or a sideboard?

Dining servers blend well with dining tables that feature a slim design or are made with glass or stainless steel. Whereas for a wooden or chunky dining table a sideboard by your table side would fit in well. For a clean blended look ensure the material and patterns of your chairs complement the sideboard. Servers and sideboards are also used for decorating the room. You can achieve this by placing lamps, family photos or flowers on the sideboard. You can also place artwork or mirror over the server. Ensure the material and design of your server enhances and blends with the décor style that you are aiming for. If not, this will look out of place.

Sideboards and server are versatile and therefore can be used in other rooms in the house. A sideboard requires much floor space in your compared to a server. Sideboards can be used in the kitchen or in the bedroom for extra storage. Servers are smaller in size therefore can be used on the corridor to define space and place decorating objects. They might not provide as much space for storage but do have a modern twist to their design. They also come in a variety of sizes, some come as trolleys and these are suitable for people who have smaller spaces.

If you normally have a lot of guests or love large gatherings then a sideboard will be more suitable for your needs. A server is suitable for intimate dinner sessions or if you have a small family. Whatever your needs are, we have beautifully designed modern dining servers and sideboards for your style.