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Dining Bench

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About our dining benches

When choosing seating for your dining room you can opt for dining chairs, occasional chairs or a dining bench. Whether you’re looking to create a formal dining space or a casual breakfast nook your needs will influence your choice. Gone are the days where dining rooms had to look all uniform. You can create a dining room that has a dining bench as opposed to dining chairs or create your own unique look by mix matching your dining chairs with your dining bench.

The benefits of using a dining bench around the dining table is that it helps make the most out of your space. For limited spaces a dining bench will provide more seating for the same space that could have been occupied by two chairs. This would be the best option for you if you’re planning on having guests but have limited space. Dining benches are a cost effective option compared to using dining chairs. It’s important that you take into account the size of your dining table. If you are looking to create a neat compact look then it would be best to choose a dining bench with a length that falls within the legs of your dining table. This will allow you to tuck it in neatly. 

For a formal dining room you can choose an upholstered dining bench for extra comfort. If you’re looking to create a casual dining space you can opt for a wooden dining bench. Traditional dining rooms usually consist of a table with matching chairs. Add a unique and stylish touch to your dining room by mix-matching your dining chairs with a complementing bench around the table. Our dining benches are made of hard wood and upholstered in a variety of materials including fabric and leather. Making use of upholstered dining benches ensures comfort and is recommended for long periods seating.

When used around the house a wooden bench will help achieve a vintage décor theme in the room. If this is the décor theme you are aiming for then using benches instead of dining chairs would be the best option. For a modern and contemporary look you can make use of upholstered benches. They are also best used outdoors for dining during warm seasons. You do not need to worry about leaving them exposed outside as our wooden furniture has been coated with protective materials to ensure they do not get damaged by sunlight or wet weathers.

The size of your dining room may be small but with dining benches you can maximize the space as they provide more seating. We use durable hardwood on our benches with a smooth finish to ensure longevity and comfort. Browse to see our dining benches and dress up your dining room.