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About our Rugs & Carpets

Without a rug or carpet your home can look dry and empty. The best features about rugs and carpets is that they can be used in almost every room or space in the house. They can be used to bring the room together, to decorate the room, and to bring warmth to your home. Your home is a place where you rest and spend time with your loved ones therefore warmth is a priority.

Sizes and Material

When it comes to choosing a carpet size and shape are one of the important factors to consider and make or break the look of your living room. If you are planning to use a carpet or rug in your living room ensure it is big enough to cover all 4 or 2 legs of your couch and any chairs that are next to it. Using a carpet shorter than that will make it look lost and out of place. Remember that your carpet is not just for providing warmth for your feet but also for decorating and bringing your interior design together.

Depending on the shape and size of your couch you can use a rectangular or square shaped carpet. If you are using a carpet for your dining table or around the corridor to define space you can use a round or rectangular shaped carpet. A round carpet will work best for a 4-seater square or round dining table.

Using carpets and rugs will help bring a warm feel to your home and can work for almost every room in the house. You can use a thick, soft rug in your bedroom or living room to add a soft and luxurious feel to the room. A small rug would work well when placed by your door for your guests or by your bathtub to help protect you from slipping when you step out of the bath. These can also be used randomly around the house to help define space.

When shopping for a rug or carpet ensure you take into account the amount of space you have and the style you are aiming for and ensure it complements that. At Home Go, we have an array of carpets and rugs available in a variety of styles and sizes. Since we manufacture our furniture in our factories we can customize the carpet or rug to your specifications.