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About our Bar Stools

Adding bar stools to your kitchen counter can help provide more seating especially if you have limited space or have an open-plan kitchen and living room. It is very important that you have chairs around the kitchen counter for when you’re preparing meals or when you have guests.

What to keep in mind when choosing a bar chair

If you’re an avid cook and use your space for dining as well your needs will differ from those of a person who does not spend as much time in the kitchen. If you use your kitchen as a dining area then it would be best to choose bar stools that are comfortable. Bar chairs that are designed with back support and arms are more comfortable especially when they are upholstered. This kind of design allows you to spend as much time as you wish around the counter without straining your back. Stools that are upholstered using fabric provide the needed comfort. Traditional bar chairs are backless and can neatly be tucked under the kitchen counter, but do keep in mind that these kind of bar chairs are not the most comfortable. 

If you also plan on hosting guests in your open-kitchen plan then you will need to plan around this. After all your kitchen counter can only accommodate a limited number of people. Therefore you will need to consider how many bar stools you need and your choice will also be affected by this. Traditional bar stools with no back support or with a swivel feature will require less space compared to one that has arm and back support. This means that you can fit more traditional bar chairs in your kitchen than the modern ones as they take up more space.

Another factor to consider would be the décor theme of your kitchen counter. You should choose a design and material that will complement your kitchen or help bring about the style that you’re aiming for. This means that you’ll have to consider the material of your chairs. Bar chairs upholstered in fabric or leather will add a luxurious feel to your kitchen and provide extra comfort. Ensure the height of the chair is not too high or too low from the kitchen counter as this can make the look appear disproportionate.  

Our bar stools are made with an array of designs and have useful features that make them suitable for your household needs. They are made with a swivel and you can adjust the height as you wish. Whatever your needs are, Home Go has the right bar chair for your kitchen.