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From our humble beginnings over a decade ago, Home To Go Furniture has evolved into a premier online furniture shop in Johannesburg. As a result, we are renowend in designing and manufacturing of affordable customised furniture in Johannesburg, offering a nostalgic ambience in your home or office.

Our exceptional innovative craftsmanship has enabled us to develop a brand synonymous with confident aesthetics, timeless taste and design excellence.

We are impassioned by utilising crafty techniques rarely used in the crafting of traditional and contemporary furniture. Because of this, our customised furniture pieces in Johannesburg are favoured by our clients.

As the entrusted benchmark for value on top-quality furniture, our aesthetic vision is fusing modern design with natural materials. We believe everyone should have access to premium affordable customised furniture in Johannesburg.

We are committed to offering an exquisite selection of affordable furniture in Johannesburg, so that is appeals to your unique taste and transforms your home and office.

In accordance with our good living philosophy, our growth is fuelled by our aptitude to innovate and integrate our products with an authentic and distinctive point of view.

We continually strive to our brand, positioning ourselves to craft and deliver a lifestyle that extends beyond the walls of your home or office.

Our exclusive product development and supply chain capabilities aid us in offering a combination of immaculate design, quality and value unparalleled in the marketplace.

We have an effective manufacturing process, allowing us to craft all our furniture by ourselves. Our customised furniture in Johannesburg is expertly designed and practical, providing multifunctional furnishings for your home or office.

The distinguishable aspect of our manufacturing process is customising each piece using a client’s choice of materials and fabrics.

Our continuous investment in sustainability through responsible material sourcing and advancement of our craftsmen’s skills remains our principal work ethic.

Are you on the lookout for a customised signature piece or in the market for a comprehensive decorative overhaul? We are a professional online furniture shop in Johannesburg offering world-class services. Visit our shop today!


Our Vision

To craft well-designed furniture and finding it the perfect ‘Home To Go’ to!

Our Mission

To create an extensive range of high-quality, durable furniture that is affordable.

We want our customers to experience warmth, comfort and relaxation through our products, while allowing us to bring your dream home to reality.