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We know you are out there day and night working your fingers to the bone. You have spent your hard-earned money transforming your living room into a beautiful space.

So far, you have been able to match your new living room set, complete with end tables, with your drapes and hardwood floors. Everything seems to be all in place, but at the corner of your eye, you notice that after all of your hard work, you have neglected something important.

It is your television, still sitting on that chunky and unsightly table or shelf swamped by video games, mail, DVDs, and other clutter. It is a mess that is not only painful on the eyes but ruins the entire look of your living room.

No need to panic, you are not alone as many consumers often do not think much about the TV stand in Johannesburg.

A lot of attention is given to couches, coffee tables, window treatments and wall hangings receive lots of attention, while the TV stand in Johannesburg does not even get an afterthought.

When watching TV, your eyes will not help but stare at the TV stand in Johannesburg if it has been placed on some piece of furniture that is not meant to hold a TV. Thus, the TV stand in Johannesburg is the focal point of your living room, so it always needs to look just right.

On the other hand, other people will make the mistake of buying the biggest TV stand model in Johannesburg, only to find out that it does not fit their needs or the living room itself.

So, how do you avoid this headache? We have compiled some useful tips for you to use;

  1. Materials.

When it comes to TV stands, the materials of choice are wood and metal. A stand that is made from wood adds a more rustic and traditional style to your living room. While a metal one is best suited for more modern homes.

The types of woods used in crafting a TV stand in Johannesburg are cherry, maple, oak, and mahogany. Such a wide variety allows you to choose the wood that not only looks good but also fits your budget.

A powder or chrome finish is usually applied to metal TV stands to enhance their appearance.

2. Styles.

It is advisable to opt for a TV stand in Johannesburg that brings your living room together and complements the style of your home.

To give your living room that classic appearance, you should choose a stand made from durable hardwood. If you want to adorn your home with a contemporary look, you should go for a modern TV stand in Johannesburg that features sharp, clean and sleek lines.

3. Types.

Some of the most popular types of TV stands include entertainment centres, corner TV stands and TV hutches.

An entertainment centre offers ample storage for items such as cable boxes, video game consoles, etc. It has been designed so you can easily connect any cords from devices in the entertainment centre to the TV.

A corner TV stand in Johannesburg is smaller in size and designed with a triangular edge, so it fits into the corner of your living room. While a TV hutch has comes with an enclosed space for the TV, making it less of a focus in the living room.

4. Colours.

It comes as no surprise that brown is the most popular colour for a TV stand in Johannesburg, as many are made from wood. Choosing one made from wood is an excellent choice as the different shades of brown work well in numerous colour schemes and styles.

If you are opting for a contemporary-style home, black is a strong choice. Black and brown are the safest colours to use if you plan to frequently change your décor. More unique colours can also work but this depends on the colour scheme in your living room.

5. Extra Features.

Some of the common extra features found in some, but not all, TV stands are shelves, glass doors, and drawers. Whichever TV stand in Johannesburg you choose, ensure you pick one that offers enough space for all your devices that need to be close to your TV.

If you have items of different sizes that you need to fit in your TV stand in Johannesburg, adjustable shelves are helpful. A stand that comes with drawers and glass doors allow you to store away items, so visitors only see the stand and TV.

Additionally, if you choose a TV stand in Johannesburg with glass doors, make sure to check that it is tempered glass as it is much stronger than regular glass.

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